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Affiliate Terms ANd COnditions

We offer an affiliate program to those wanting to share our products with their family, friends, and social media platforms. As a woman-owned and purpose-driven skincare brand, we are on a mission to celebrate and empower women at every stage of life. By becoming an affiliate, you will join us in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

This opportunity is excellent for people who are as passionate about Midlife Skin as much as we are! 

In addition to individuals, businesses are welcome to apply for our affiliate program. Spas, estheticians, wellness practitioners, and similar may benefit from having small batch but industrial-grade skincare products for clients experiencing skin issues or seeking skin improvements.


Affiliate Benefits


As an affiliate of Midlife Skin, you can benefit in several ways. 

  • Exclusive discounts and promotions on our affiliate-only email list

  • Custom link and discount code for sharing (10% off for your customers)

  • A 15% commission on sales from all orders

  • I will be available to answer any questions or concerns quickly and efficiently


How It Works


As an affiliate, when someone uses your code or link, they will get 10% off their order, and you will receive a 15% commission off their order or any order under your unique affiliate link or code. 


Along with commission, discounts, and promotions, we also offer a 30-day cookie window. That means if someone has your link, even if they don’t purchase anything right away, if they do within 30 days, you will receive a commission for the sale. You will be paid once a month via bank transfer, Venmo, or Cash App based on the information you fill out in our onboarding form (it defaults to Venmo but you can change it once you log in.) 


You can make videos, graphics, and other collateral to promote Midlife Skin as long as you don’t make health claims and don’t use discriminatory language, imagery, or ideas. Midlife Skin is feminist, LGBTQIA+ allied, antiracist, and promotes equal access and opportunities for all types of people so if you don’t agree with that, you’re probably not right for our program.


Affiliate Requirements


As an affiliate of Midlife Skin, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • US Citizen

  • Above 21 years old

  • Have a website, blog, or social media account. We do not provide individual accounts.

  • Agree to not make health claims or participate in hate speech or behavior of any kind


Below are some examples of OK versus not OK statements:


OK: Midlife Skin has really reduced the redness in my face

Not OK: Midlife Skin has cleared my rosacea. 


OK: I've noticed that my skin has less flakiness since I started using Midlife Skin.

Not OK: Midlife Skin has cured my eczema.


In general, you should avoid terms such as treat, cure and heal. We will work on a three-strike warning system on these posts for health claims, with the third offense banning the affiliate from our program. 


We will work with a one-strike approach for hate speech, intolerance, or similarly exclusionary behavior. 


How To Apply 


We would love to bring you on as an affiliate of Midlife Skin. It is free to sign up. Here’s how:


  1. Visit our signup page.

  2. Fill out the form to create your account. Click 'Create Account' button.

  3. Click the link in the verification email that will be sent.

  4. Once in your dashboard, you’ll not only be able to see your referral link, coupon code, and referral code, you’ll also be able to see how much commission you’ve generated and be able to select how you want to be paid (Venmo is default but other options are cash app and bank transfer). This program even allows you to make your own custom links to certain products you love most. 

  5. Promote and get paid for your sales. You’ll get paid on your commissions on or around the 1st of each month!

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