I'm Kate Power, founder of MIDLIFE Skin and I'm so glad you're here! Like so many small companies the story of MIDLIFE Skin is also my story. This work is my passion, my purpose and my privilege and this is the story of it's nascency.


At age 40, I found myself in a life transition. After 13 years of full time care work including supporting, advocating for and home schooling my 2 kids, life was once again shifting. 


Harboring a lifelong love of all things beauty, I had been stretching my family’s budget for years by creating my own natural personal skincare and makeup concoctions. When luxury skincare or makeup was out of reach, I got as close as I could using every free online resource I could find to guide me. I researched endlessly and found many, many websites that offered “recipes” for lipsticks, lotions, salves and balms. I got really good at making my own lipstick! 


It seemed like a natural progression to begin selling them. I could bring in some income and do something I really loved! I sold a few lipsticks in an online shop but it became clear pretty quickly that making cosmetics for yourself is VERY different from properly formulating stable, high performance, effective and consistent products for a wide range of climates and customers. I knew my product worked well for me, but that just wasn’t good enough. I made the decision to close up shop.


Then, I made another decision. I chose to invest in myself. I sought out formal training in natural skincare formulation with a highly respected, accredited and internationally renowned school. There I learned skin science, basic and advanced formulation skills, how to read scientific studies on ingredients, how to safely utilize essential oils and active ingredients, and so much more. I earned certificates with distinction in Organic Skincare Formulation, Anti-Aging Skincare, Stability Testing, and Natural Cosmetic Preservation. I invested in myself, and leveled up.


These are the foundations upon which MIDLIFE Skin was built.


I created this line of products, drawing on my years of training, research and trial and error. It took a great deal of time and care to be sure that they live up to my own exacting standards and I am really proud of what I’ve created for you.


The ritual of caring for your skin is a daily investment in yourself and your well being. I want to support you in making that investment, even if it’s only a moment of your busy day because you will feel better for having done it. My hope is that when you take those few seconds to apply a MIDLIFE product, you also take a big deep belly breath and feel as supported and nourished as your skin. 


MIDLIFE Skin is intentionally small so that it is possible to retain control of the quality of our products, to limit our environmental impact, and remain accessible and accountable to you. We exist to support and empower women inside and out through education, community and exceptional skincare.


I'm always happy to chat with folks about skin care and beauty. Let's connect.